High School in Cerro Gordo, Badajoz 2017 2nd PRIZE

The project is conceived as a BOX OF ILLUSIONS, where fantasy and imagination, knowledge, dreams, color accumulate; where there are multiple possibilities and uses. At the same time, it is intended to solve in a simple, orderly and practical way the program raised, integrating the building with the environment and especially with the topography of the plot, so that the architectural relationships between the pieces are the ones that configure the courtyards.

The school is solved with several pieces depending on the program, arranged on two levels or floors, according to their uses and "sewn" with a lateral gallery, as a comb, intentionally widened to generate new spaces for socialization and interaction among students. The free height of the same is 2.85m in its totality with the exception of the gymnasium that has a free height of 5m.

These pieces have been placed on the plot following its topography, to avoid excessive cuttings and fillings. Thus the majority of the construction is done in the northern part of the site, an area recommended by the Geotechnical Study provided, and following the curved contour lines in most of its development.