The concept of our architectural firm is based on the creation of unique and personalized spaces for each of our clients. Our approach is collaborative, working closely with clients to understand their needs and desires, and translating them into innovative and attractive architectural solutions.

We strive to create buildings and spaces that reflect the personality and lifestyle of our clients, while seeking to harmoniously integrate the architecture into the surrounding natural and urban environment. We pride ourselves on providing high quality service and a committed approach to client satisfaction in every project we undertake.

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Santiago Romero Marcos. Principal Architect. Architect by ETSA Seville and Master in Advanced Architecture by Columbia University NY, he is a founding partner of MM16 and S&So arch. lab., with which he has participated in architectural projects for public and private clients. He has been assistant professor at ETSA, curator of different exhibitions and courses; and has given lectures and participated in round tables and critiques for Fundacion Arquia, CSCAE or CAAC, as well as in ETSA Seville itself. His professional development is divided between architecture and engineering, working as coordinator of large infrastructure projects for Abengoa or Fisia Italimpianti.

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Sonia Ramajo Blázquez. Principal Architect. Architect by ETSA Seville in 2003, she is a founding partner of MM16 and S&So arch. lab., during these 20 years of career she has been able to develop and build architectural projects of different scales from renovations, new construction, competitions; intervening not only in its design conception, but also in structural technical developments and legal architecture. He currently combines architecture with collaborations in landscaping projects of different scales.



Miguel Torres García. PhD Researcher in the Projects Department of the Intervention Center of the IAPH. Architect (University of Seville), MSc in Spatial Planning (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Sweden) and PhD in Human Geography (Manchester University, UK). He has publications in urban studies, and professional experience in architecture, supramunicipal and territorial planning and protection of historical sites, landscape studies and management, development cooperation, and management and analysis of sustainable urban development strategies.