Oviedo House

This house is presented to us as a pavilion associated with the pool and the garden, an extension of an existing house to shelter the members of a growing family. The relationship with the garden and the pool leads us to generate a passing-through plan, in which a double-height central corridor, naturally illuminated from above, crosses the house and serves as an interior street to which all the rooms and galleries open.

Very playful in its conception, it houses game rooms, water areas and even an interior garden that, combined with the American open plan, seeks to blur the limits of inside-outside, private-public.

The exterior remains sober, in a strict monochrome, that does not compete with exterior nature, neither in its vegetable greens nor in its watery blues; but that clearly defines a contemporary geometry that contrasts with the original house.

Location: Urb. La Ramira, Morón de la Frontera
Date: 2008
Architect: Daniel Romero / Andrés Romero / Santiago Romero
Collaborators: Sonia Ramajo
Architect (technical): Mª Carmen Ligero
Facilities design: Sonia Ramajo
Client: José Luis Oviedo
Photography: Miguel Torres