A Sevillian house of the XXI century

A Sevillian house of the XXI century

This contemporary house, located in the old quarter of Seville (Spain), is the result of a thorough renovation carried out by the architectural firm MM16, which brought back to life a small house between party walls that was almost in ruins. In this architectural resurrection, the Sevillian firm carried out several interventions that restored to the house the typology of a "Sevillian house" as recognized by Francisco Collantes in his book "Arquitectura Civil Sevillana", and especially by the architect José Ramón Sierra.

The architects Sonia Ramajo and Santiago Romero found a building completely propped up, with a deformed facade between two buildings that doubled its height, very modified, amalgamated with "perversions" of the different inhabitants who have been enjoying it. MM16 proposed the restoration of the Sevillian house through the recovery of the structure of hallway-patio-staircase-gallery that is recognized as constitutive of the house in Seville.


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