Renovation of survivors' housing

Renovation of survivors’ housing

设计者的方案是对该房屋进行类型学修复,使其恢复为他们所认为的塞维利亚房屋结构:门廊-天井-走廊 结构,并在不改变前两个隔间的前提下调整第二个天井的位置,将房间布置在左侧更为私密和僻静的空间 与右侧的开孔且充满光线的空间之间。因此,设计者将街道侧的阴影转移到这两个天井处,一个是室内天井,另一个则是开放式的,使之与不断变化的天气进行接触。通过这种方式,将开放的现象学经验与塞维 利亚住宅结构以及类型学相结合。

Our approach is that of the typological rehabilitation of the house, returning the hallway-patio-staircase-gallery structure that we recognize as constitutive of the house in Seville, and modifying the position of the second patio to, without altering the first two bays, organize the house between more private and secluded spaces on the left and openings, light and available space on the right. Thus, we managed to transfer the rhythm of shadows from the street through the two patios, one covered and interior and the other open and in contact with the changing weather. In this way we combine the open phenomenological experience with the structure and typological movements of the Sevillian home.


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