Renovation B/N

The renovation takes a social housing from the seventies and transforms it into a housing type more in line with the users who occupy it today. To achieve this, we focus on opening the spaces to their diagonals, continually losing control of the room, causing an expanded perception of them. The refusal to give names to the square meters, disdaining the concepts of a bedroom or living room in favor of enabling areas for sleeping or socializing, makes possible the real use of the footage of the house. The multitude of routes that cross it are not transported to corridors; a central wall, which houses the home's air conditioning, serves as protection for more private areas such as the bathroom, also organizing the main routes of the house and serving as a constant reference in it. The attention to construction detail and height relationships make privacy appear close to the materials, with areas of concealment and visibility, areas where you can browse outside or show yourself from within. This renoation proposes the review of housing types that respond to the scarcity of footage, not with the miniaturization of rooms, but with negotiation strategies sensitive to the times of use and the relationship of the furniture elements with the body.

Location: C/Pascual de Gayangos, 41 Sevilla
Date: 2008
Architect: Sonia Ramajo / Santiago Romero
Constructor: Juan José Sevilla
Facilities design: Sonia Ramajo
Client: Santiago Romero
Photography: S&So arch. lab.